Have you ever fallen in love?

This book is a magical journey of love, put through you my readers, in a loving way as my life was with sritha. I hope you enjoy reading about this enchanted part of my life as much as i enjoy living it and still enjoy reminiscing about.


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Journey of our love

The best parts of my life...


and it all started

The air felt infused with the fragrance of roses…, people around me froze in a time-wrap….violins began playing in my head… Basically, love enveloped me in a warm embrace.


First Birthday

She looked gorgeous that day. her beautiful salwar-kameez, platinum chain around the neck, hair. She looked like an angel who had just landed from heaven for me.


First Meet

On seeing her, I became dazed and just stopped talking! For some unknown reason, she gave me a smile. That did it! I was on seventh heaven.


Knowing Eachother

One fine day, I thought I would take the next step forward in these meetings; but was still clueless about how did I intend doing it. I guess, that day Lady Luck was smiling on me.


Getting Deep

Time was passing by and we were getting closer with every little event that occurred. After school, calls at night, excuses I made with my family. It certainly was a golden phase of my life.


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  • Never a book touched me so much. Never I cared for a love and story so much. It's the best though made me feel bad. Thnx for revoking the humanity feelings in me. I always say money is first. But one should always have love like Sindhu. I just can't say anything more.I thought your novel was kind of a Commercial act. That's the I showed interest. But you have changed me.

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  • I read the book yesterday. I don't know if this story is fiction or a real one...This is how I felt while I was reading it....in the beginning - what kind of a book am I reading. When will it end. Do I really have to read the entire book ? As I proceed - Cute story but nothing awesome about it...still borin Last part - was very emotional !! The book could be much better...in all aspects !! and yea the Quotes in between were awesome

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  • I just completed reading your book In a feeling named LOVE. It's just awesome. I cried unknowingly at the end. It touched my heart. Every page is like a day in life. You showed life in a book, ups and downs, happiness and tears, love and hatred, everything. Loved it!!

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Sathwik D

I am D.Sathwik,22 an avid reader and a foodie. My interests include Writing and Cooking. I am a state ranker in Law entrance exam and areas of study are Ethics & Corporate Governance. Well I am currently living in Hyderabad.

My inspiration in writing this book is as you know people "Love" most memorable section of our life. i will take you through my journey of life and you can find your love here, Enjoy reading the book.
Thank you

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